It is necessary to wash the teeth two times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

Thorough oral hygiene is a guarantee of healthy teeth. It is necessary to wash the teeth two times a day and undergo the complex procedures that help to remove the plaque. Why is it so important to take a thorough care of the tooth?

Every few hours we eat or drink. Our teeth perform an important role: to masticate the food. Small amounts of food are left on the tooth surface or in the interdental cracks. Simple washing helps to remove the plaque only partially. There are a lot of bacteria in the person’s mouth. As soon as organic compounds appear, these microbes start to function. As a result, if you don’t clean the oral cavity in time, there appear unpleasant smell, inflammation of the gums and caries.

The most appropriate time for teeth washing is morning and evening. Why is it so? The morning procedure helps to avoid the dirtiness that collected at night. The evening cleaning is the most effective. If you leave small amounts of food in your mouth, the microbes will start to increase and form a real dump till the morning. The fact is that in the day time a person has meal for several times, then rinses it as if washing the mouth. But at night when the organism relaxes microbes retreat the food remains.

It is recommended to clean oral cavity after each meal during the day time. There exist a lot of means of cleaning. Dental floss will help to remove the food from the interdental cracks. The box with dental floss is compact and will not take much place in the bag. That is why every person should have such hygienic device. Dental sticks play the same role. Usually they are placed in the cafes, canteens and restaurants near the salt and napkins. Chewing gums fresh the breath quickly that is also very useful and pleasant.

Such simple rules will help to keep the teeth clean and to prevent many oral diseases.