Visit the dentist no less than 2 times a year!

Many people are still afraid of visiting the dentist. Dental drill and unpleasant smell cause unpleasant feelings. But this is only stereotype from the soviet times. Modern clinics have the newest equipment, medications and other dental remedies prepared according to the highest standards. There is no sense to be afraid. People visit the dentist only if they feel the tooth ache. They think that the ache can disappear itself. Such attitude to the personal health is careless and may lead to the serious post-effects. Visit the dentist no less than 2 times a year. Then you will be able to avoid acute pain or swollen cheek.

We wonder why it is important to visit the dentist if there are no problems. Nothing aches and there are no definite disease features. But prophylaxis is very useful for every person. Only experienced dentist can define the disease in its earliest stage. It will help you to avoid the unpleasant, hard and expensive treatment. Caries is rather invisible in the early stage. But carious cavity spreads very fast. That is why it is better to cure the tooth when the situation is still under control.

It is highly recommended to take care of the gums. If the gums are bleeding and the teeth are loose there exists a definite disease. To avoid such problem visit the dentist as soon as possible. The doctor will prescribe medications and tooth paste which will improve the condition in the oral cavity.

There is nothing frightful in visiting the clinic. The dentists will examine the oral cavity. If there is a disease or danger they will prescribe the appropriate treatment. It is the dentists who know best of all how to take care of the teeth. The consultation won’t be needless.

As we understand from the above mentioned, it is much easier and much more painless to visit the dentist two times a year than to suffer from the tooth ache.