Caries is the first in the world

Do you know what chronic illness is the most wide-spread among different strata of the population? It is not flu or asthma. It is caries met in 90 % of the population. Caries prophylaxis is a first-matter question in such serious cases. So, what should we start with in caries treatment? It is possible to treat this oral disease even before its beginning. That is why a mother-to-be should have a healthy food ration. Keeping to a definite diet you will minimize the risk of disposition to caries in children.


Of course, caries prophylaxis is an individual matter. Every person should take care of his teeth, pay attention to oral hygiene and visit the dentist. Unfortunately, many people don’t want (e.g. children) or don’t have the possibility (e.g. business people) to fulfill all the prophylactic measures.


However, caries prophylaxis is not only tooth cleaning or a visit to the dentist. Many factors influence on the development of caries. They are the following: the food, the water, the temperature and many others. Even if you visit the dentist every week or clean your teeth thoroughly after each meal you will worsen all the attempts with unhealthy food or dirty water.


Naturally it is not easy to follow all these rules. Caries starts to develop in the definite period of time. Let’s mention that caries treatment also involves visiting the dentist. Median clinic advise the clients to visit the dentists as often as possible. It will help to avoid the disease.


Caries itself is not very dangerous if a person can stop its development on the early stages. Experienced dentists from Median clinic, the best equipment and modern methods will remove any disease with the most effective method as soon as possible.


At the same time you should remember that caries prophylaxis is also oral hygiene, healthy food and many other things. Only if you pay attention to all these factors you will be able to avoid the disease and to save your teeth.