Invisalign Aligners are the best alternative to braces!


Aligners or mouth-guards Invisalign Invisalign are removable orthodontic devices of the new generation, created in the USA. They serve for the correction of malocclusion and have the unique properties. If you want to have straight teeth but do not want to wear braces with brackets then this is the option for you!


Aligners are clear and very thin. Nobody will guess that you are wearing them while your teeth will be getting straightened.


Traditional braces and braces with brackets quite often cause psychological discomfort and require special attention to the oral care, changes in the diet, and accompanied with other certain inconveniences, which influence the habitual routine. The method of Invisalign means invisible straightening. Thin mouth-guards are made of a special biopolymer, which fits really tight to your teeth and is practically not noticeable for onlookers.








How the treatment with Aligners Invisalign works.



  1. At the first consultation with our specialist the dentist examines the mouth cavity of the patient and evaluates whether this method is suitable for the orthodontic treatment of the patient. If the conclusion is in favour of the Aligners the impressions of the teeth are taken, scans are made and sent to the laboratory Align Technology in the USA.
  2. At the laboratory Align Technology a 3D model is made: occlusion in the current position and the prospective outcome after the treatment.
  3. According to the 3D model, the Aligners are manufactured and they must be changed every 2-3 weeks as the teeth change their position.
  4. The first result will be seen in 4-5 weeks.



Advantages of the Invisalign system


The unique characteristic of the material of the Aligners is its complete transparency. Due to this property, the process of treating malocclusion goes unnoticed by the onlookers. To realise that the person is wearing aligners is possible only under careful scrutiny of the teeth from a very close distance. The Invisalign system is the best, what orthodontists can offer to patients willing to have an attractive smile not only in the end of the treatment but in progress as well. It is the choice of public figures, actors, singers, TV presenters and everybody, who is looking for a more aesthetic option of the orthodontic treatment.






But not only the aesthetic qualities distinguish favourably Aligners from types of braces. Aligners Invisalign stick tightly to the enamel, covering teeth from all the sides in contrast to the bracket type braces, elements of which stick over the tooth surface and due to this can cause occasional inconveniences. To make the tightest fit on the teeth the Aligners are custom-made for each patient according to the impressions of the dental arch. During their use, Aligners don’t cause any slight inconveniences.


 Aligners are the removable devices that is why they have a number of advantages:


  • It is possible to take them off at any moment, for example if you have scheduled an important meeting or a special event;
  • Taking care of them is simple; it is convenient to clean not only the mouthguards themselves but teeth as well, which decreases the probability of caries development and gingival inflammation;
  • The patient being treated with Aligners does not need to buy special brushes, interdental cleaners, irrigators and flosses necessary for cleaning of brackets;
  • Aligners don’t require changes in the dietary habits: they can be taken off and there is no restriction on food
  • With the help of the mouthguards Invisalign it is possible to eliminate almost any imperfection of the smile, even the extreme supraocclusion is treatable


Clear Aligners Invisalign are certain not to be visible but your smile is certain to be noticed.


Where is it possible to get a consultation on the orthodontic treatment with the system of Aligners Invisalign?


Aligners Invisalign are used at work exclusively by the dentists-orthodontists who have completed specialized training for the work with the Invisalign system and have a certificate.

This certificate guarantees the high quality of treatment and the excellent results!

The more detailed information about the treatment with the Invisalign system you can receive at an appointment with the specialist certified to work with Invisalign at the MEDIAN clinic.

Savitskaya Tamara Dmitrievna

Incognito Certified Doctor

Certified Invisalign physician