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For patients

SPECIAL OFFERS and the loyalty system for the patients of the clinic

  • During the treatment at the clinic, an X-ray is FREE!
  • There is a discount system in the clinic for regular customers

The details about the loyalty system you can learn from our manager at the phone number 067-785-02-88

GUARANTEES for the services of the clinic

Patients of our clinic are given the guarantee for the provided medical services. Guarantee covers placed fillings, crowns, prostheses, veneers, implants and the other services.

All the information about the guarantee obligations and the conditions of their fulfilment you may learn from the staff of the MEDIAN clinic.

Dental treatment with insurance coverage in Odesa

We are partners with a number of insurance companies, providing services for their clients in Odesa.


Our partners:

  • Insurance company UNIQA,
  • Insurance company Kniazha
  • Insurance company European insurance alliance,
  • SOS Service Ukraine,
  • Insurance company АRX,
  • Insurance company Ukrainian insurance group.

The dental treatment with the use of the insurance is performed on condition of the existence of the insurance policy where the dental insurance is included. We take care of all the procedure of negotiation of your treatment plan with your insurance company if you are the client of our partners.

In case you are the client of a different insurance company, we are ready to provide you with all medical documents demanded by the insurance company for coverage of your dental treatment expenses.



The installment-based payments for dental treatment in Odesa

All the clients of PRIVATBank can pay in installments for dental services in the MEDIAN clinic. This option covers all the range of services offered in our clinic:

  • Prostheses in installments,
  • Braces in installments,
  • Treatment of teeth in installments,
  • Implants in installments,
  • Gingival treatment in installments,
  • Aesthetic dentistry in installments an so on.

If you a client of PRIVATBank then you can pay for the services of our clinic by card from PRIVATBank with the programs “Instantaneous installments” and “Partial payment”.